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A Healthier You

Are you confused by nutrition labels & marketing claims on food packets?

Can you constructively interpret labels & understand what all those numbers mean?

Can you identify products low in sugar, fat & salt?

What…?!  There are 56 different names for sugar??!!

Have you given up and just grab any product because you are totally overwhelmed by the choices offered in your local supermarket?

Well now more than ever is the time to eliminate these approaches as both may be negatively impacting your health………

Jumpstart your healthy habits today with an experienced and responsible Nutritionist.

Carol can help remove your confusion in the supermarket aisles by providing practical advice to make healthier food choices.

Carol will help you to understand nutrition labels, ingredient lists & which foods to select in order to achieve your lifestyle goals.

(60 minute tours are held in groups of 4-8 people) or can be arranged in smaller groups if required.

Testimonial from Kylie, Business Owner, Mum of 2 kids - ‘Carol's shopping tour was an eye opener!  Carol was very informative on what we should be looking for in food labels in regards to salt, sugar and fats. I had no idea what our daily salt intake should be and couldn't believe how high in salt a lot of foods are. She was also very helpful in offering ideas for healthier alternatives. It was a great experience. Thanks Carol!’