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Natures Pure Energy Drink...A focus on water

Today’s focus is on water, simply because our kids just aren’t drinking enough......

Did you know that water is our body’s most important nutrient?

Your child’s body consists mostly of water. In fact, most of their body functions rely on it! For starters, consider this...


  • regulates body temperature: it is needed to sweat when hot & store body heat when cold;

  • keeps the bloodstream liquid to regulate blood pressure;

  • helps food digest & eliminates waste from the body;

  • increases their metabolism - helps with digestion & using stored fats;

  • keeps the mucous membranes moist (such as nose, lungs & mouth.);

  • cushions joints to avoid joint pain & helps maintain muscle tone;

  • have they got dry skin? Water moisturises the skin & helps to prevent skin disorders;

  • helps carry nutrients & oxygen to cells;

  • protects the spinal cord from shock & damage; and

  • helps chemical reactions occur in the body such as dissolving minerals & nutrients so

they are usable.

What happens if my child doesn’t drink enough?

Many things... if your child has experienced any of the following it could be due to dehydration...

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) Kidney stones - even kids can get these!!! .

If your kids don’t drink enough water, waste products & excess fluid can build up in the body.

Electrolyte Imbalance - how would you know your child has this? seizures, involuntary muscle movements and loss of consciousness.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Kidney failure...a life threatening disease. Other complications that can arise from dehydration are anaemia, damage to the central nervous system, heart failure, and a compromised immune system.

Not sounding so good? Its not, and nobody wants to be responsible for causing something detrimental to their child that can easily be avoided! So what can you do about it?

TOP TIPS - For starters, get the kids drinking at breakfast :) They lose water throughout the day from being outside in the heat, sweating, urinating - even breathing! It’s also been scientifically proven that kids perform better at school if they are hydrated!

How much should my child drink??

1-2 litres of plain filtered water per day (add lemon, lime, mint, cucumber or herbs to infuse water for a taste change). Room temperature water absorbs more quickly in the body than cold water so hold the ice.

How to check for dehydration

Dehydrated children can have sunken eyes, look pale & may complain of joint pain, stomach pain, back pain, ulcers, dizziness, disorientation & confusion. Do they lack energy and seem tired? - it can be the result of just lacking hydration! If their urine is yellow they are already dehydrated (unless they have just taken a multivitamin ;))

Stay hydrated every day - don’t wait until you are thirsty!

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