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Help! I have a sweet tooth!


My sweet tooth is ruining my diet! Can you recommend any snacks that will satisfy my sweet tooth but not sabotage my chances for weight loss?


Snacks in coffee shops, supermarkets, bakery’s, cupcake shops along with anything that comes in a packet are loaded with sugar! Sugar is what’s ruining your diet it’s sweet poison.

To curb your cravings eliminate processed carbs from your diet (sugar craves more sugar) & consume foods high in protein, good fats and complex carbs. My top 4 Ideas for healthy snacks…

Homemade trail mix with raw nuts, seeds & cacao nibs (for that chocolate craving).

Bliss balls - (google it!) Dates, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, rolled in coconut - simply delicious and very transportable.

Berry Smoothie (Coconut water or almond milk based)

Plain yoghurt with berries & a sprinkle of raw nuts/seeds

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