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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Nutrition Education can be one of the keys to a happier, healthier workforce. Nutrition seminars are essential to the well being of your staff.  Did you know...

Over 425M people worldwide are currently living with diabetes, 1.7M are Australian

280 Australians develop diabetes every day. 1 every 5 mins!

WHO predicts diabetes will be 7th leading cause of death in 2030

Most people are not eating their '7 a day' but consuming their body weight in food additives each year

Sugar consists over 25% of most peopl's dietary intake

Eating 'natural foods' & promoting them in our workplace helpts to build a strong immune system

Carol spent much of her career in the Corporate sector, regularly travelling interstate & overseas so understands the tough demands of this environment.  What to order at the hotel buffet?  What to order for snacks at the morning meeting so your staff remain alert?  Carol has the answers...

There is still a lack of awareness around healthy eating despite the growing levels of obesity & diet related disease.  Nutrition Unwrapped offers strategic tools and techniques to help clients achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

After Carol's workshops your staff will be well-versed at making the best food-related decisions for their health needs which will assist in lowering your absence rates.

Bowl of Grains

Community Wellness

Carol has spent much of her nutrition career educating various groups across Dubai & Australia & enjoys running wellness seminars for Nurseries, Schools, Parents & community groups to educate on healthy nutrition choices.

Groups workshops can be tailored around clients needs.  Workshops available are:

Community Workshops - Gyms, Community Centres, Libraries...where there is a group, there can be a workshop.   Carol educates grups on sugar, diabetes, weight loss, food additives, artifical sweeteners, how to read a food label, stocking a healthy pantry, how to switch to a healthy eating regime & much more.  Workshops are tailored to your group's needs.

Children's Nutrition - Kindergarten, Prep, High School...  Workshops are tailored to suit different age school children.  Carol has worked with many schools across Dubai educating children on Healthy eating.

Toddler Nutrition - Carol has worked with many Nurseries to provide education to parents on what to feed toddlers & how the food they consume affects their behaviour.  Having two children of her own Carol understands the pitfalls of a bad diet.  

Parent Education

Happier, Healthier Kids - Are your kids falling asleep after snack & lunch breaks?  Do they ask for sugary treats daily?  Do they understand why a 'treat' is a sometimes food?  Let us educate you on healthy habits & how to make better choices in the supermarket.

On the Scales

Supermarket Tours

Are you confused by nutrition labels & marketing claims on food packets?

Can you constructively interpret labels & understand what all those numbers mean?

Can you identify products low in sugar, fat & salt?

What…?  There are 56 different names for sugar??

Have you given up and just grab any product because you are totally overwhelmed by the choices offered in your local supermarket?

Well now more than ever is the time to eliminate these approaches as  both may be negatively impacting your health………

Jumpstart your healthy habits today with an experienced and responsible Nutritionist.

Carol can help remove your confusion in the supermarket aisles by providing practical advice to make healthier food choices.

Carol will help you to understand nutrition labels, ingredient lists & which foods to select in order to achieve your lifestyle goals.

(60 minute tours are held in groups of 4-8 people) or can be arranged in smaller groups if required.

Green Goodness

School Lunches

Do you have too many treat foods in your school canteen - flavoured milk, sugary drinks, pizza, pies, cookies & cakes...?

The occasional treat is ok but most canteen are serving up these as whole lunches & snacks...

Considering how much food inpacts behaviour, moods, memory, mental function its critical that school children are eating a healthy snack & lunch at school.

Real food comes from real ingredients, not out of a packet...

School canteens can be an encouragement for fussier kids...seeing their peers eating a variety of foods can make them willing to try something new.

Canteen have benefits for children, parents, teachers & the school itself.  If done well everybody can benefit.

Contact me to get your canteen upgraded to a healthy canteen & encourage your school to live a healthier life.