PRACTICAL, EASY TIPS & RECIPES - Healthy Lunchboxes by Accredited Nutritionist - Carol Quelch


The modern world has left us time poor, and our children have become the unfortunate ‘benefactors’……

Do you allow your child to buy from the school tuck shop without knowing what they spend your money on?

Do you buy ready-made meals at the supermarket to send them to school with?

Do you get stuck making the same lunch for your child every day?


Then this book is for you…


Carol explains why you can’t turn a blind eye to your child’s lunchbox, and must take an active interest in what they are consuming daily. In her simple to read guide Carol removes the confusion of what is healthy and what is not. This includes an explanation of those confusing to read food labels!


Carol provides practical and simple information on how to pack a balanced lunchbox. Whole food, nutritionally balanced recipes that will stop your child from craving unhealthy, processed foods. Quick and easy to make recipes from simple foods, for time poor parents.


Your child is your greatest asset - they deserve to be eating healthy foods, allowing them to grow unhindered!   


Lunchboxes Unwrapped

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  • Lunchoxes Unwrapped contains essential information on what to include in your chid's lunchbox along with great recipes & ideas.  Written by Accredited Nutritionist Carol Quelch.

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