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Community Wellness

The Guidance You Need

Carol has spent much of her nutrition career educating various groups across Dubai & Australia, & enjoys running wellness seminars for Nurseries, Schools, Parents & community groups to educate on healthy nutrition choices.


Groups workshops can be tailored around clients needs. Workshops available are:

Community Workshops - Gyms, Community Centres, Libraries...where there is a group, there can be a workshop.

Carol educates grups on sugar, diabetes, weight loss, food additives, artificial sweeteners, how to read food labels, stocking a healthy pantry, how to switch to a healthy eating regime & much more.  Workshops are tailored to your group's needs.

Children's Nutrition - Kindergarten, Prep, High School...   Workshops are tailored to suit different age school children.  Carol has worked with many schools across Dubai educating children on Healthy eating.

Toddler Nutrition - Carol has worked with many Nurseries to provide education to parents on what to feed toddlers & how the food they consume affects their behaviour.  Having two children of her own Carol understands the pitfalls of a bad diet.  

Parent Education - Happier, Healthier Kids - are your kids falling asleep after snack & lunch breaks?  Do they ask for sugary treats daily?  Do they understand why a 'treat' is a sometimes food?  Let us educate you on healthy habits & how to make better choices in the supermarket.

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